2. These men! ❤


  4. Want to see girls who know how it should be? Check out this link. (Always respect women, what of the roles were reversed?!)


  7. Okay, so a year and a half ago I was really struggling with myself, so to make myself feel better I wrote everything down. Sometimes I’d write three notes a day and sometimes I wouldn’t write for a week straight.

    Well my friend came to visit for two weeks and we had talked about destroying the notes for a while, we always said we would burn them.. Well we tried that but it was really rainy and the paper wouldn’t burn fast enough so we decided to soak them in water and let my friend rip them to to shreds. (of course) we succeeded, all of my bad memories, problems, crushes, “love” . it was all gone, and I realized something. I watched a few notes burn before we decided to soak them and, well, the water hurt more.

    I watched the note burn and didn’t really feel anything but as soon as the water hit the paper I felt like a year of my life was gone.

    I don’t know why I wanted to share this with you but..I did. So thanks for reading. -Shelby 💋


  8. Social media will be the death of me, actually it will be the death of all these 16 year old kids posting about partying and getting drunk every weekend. I mean really guys, all it takes is one time forgetting to private your post and you’re done..

    p.s. We’ve all known your parents since we we’re five, they’re not okay with you making fools of yourselves.